Hey there, readers!

I’m Madelon Sarah McCormick, the author of this blog. But… if that’s too long, you can just call me Madi.


I’m one of the seven dolls from Dolls N’ All.

I’m a thirteen-year-old doll blogger, and…


… I’m a dreamer…


… a dancer…


… and a photographer!

I love blogging, commenting on other blogs, reading, and hanging out with my six amazing sisters.

My birthday is on January 23, and just last year I joined the Dolls N’ All family on December 25.

A few fun facts about me include the following:

– I enjoy trying new things.

– When I grow up, I’d like to be a missionary doctor with my pilot’s license.

– I’m a complete and total chocoholic. 🙂

– I was the first ever Doll of the Month at Dolls N’ All, which was just launched this year. Each month there’s a new DOTM, and you can check her out here: Doll of the Month.

– I’m totally Southern. That means ya’ll is a totally legitimate word here. 😀

So, thanks for reading!

I love hearing from you, and followers, subscribers, and comments are greatly appreciated!

~ Madi