Meet Grace Pauline Thomas, former Girl of the Year 2015, and Doll Masterchef Junior {from the 2015 baking edition}! IMG_7600





Grace is an absolutely extraordinary, amazing, fantastical baker. I was so lucky to be able to visit her small bakery, get an interview, and try her treats (which were beyond words!)! Here I’m going to share the interview that I was able to catch with Grace, the first DWAF – which stands for ‘Doll With A Future’ in case you haven’t already figured that out. XD Ready? Let’s dive in!IMG_7604

MADI: Hey Grace!

GRACE: Hey! I’m so excited about being the first Doll With a Future.

MADI: I’m super happy too – you certainly are a doll with a future! We’ll get to that in a minute, but first we have cover the important stuff. What color do you to represent you in the interview on my blog?

GRACE: *laughs* Definitely blue… and I’m going to guess that you’re going to be pink?

MADI: Of course – what other color would I be? Anyways, now that we’re done with that, let’s really get started!

GRACE: Okay! Let’s go – ask away!




MADI: First interview question – what is your future?

GRACE: Baking, definitely. I absolutely love baking. That’s probably kinda evident by now since you’ve taken about half a million pictures of my treats.

MADI: Haha, yeah. Tell us a bit about your bakery.

GRACE: Well, really, it’s just part of our doll dorms – I have several awesome roommates, by the way. Anyways, in the front room, I have a little table and two chairs, and then the front counter with all of my creations displayed rather proudly. Behind the curtain is my kitchen, where I bake everything and decorate each dessert.

{I intended to get photos of customers sitting at the table and going and getting BTS shots, but I kinda got distracted – but there are still plenty of pictures!}

MADI: That’s totally awesome!


MADI: What’s your favorite part of baking? And what’s your favorite thing to bake?

GRACE: Augh, that’s hard! I love every single part of the baking: choosing an original recipe from my extensive collection in my Eiffel Tower baking box, or deciding to twist an old treat, or even deciding on inventing a new creation; going to the open markets or baking essentials shops to choose the best, freshest, most beautimous ingredients; mixing each and every unique particle into the thick dough or batter, measuring exactly; precisely forming each macaron or pouring the batter into each mold; slipping it inside the oven; smelling the aromatic perfumes of the baking goods; letting them cool and feasting my eyes on them; decorating and adding each little topping; making sure each presentation is absolutely perfect on the counter; serving each delectable delight to my customers….

MADI: Wow. That was insanely descriptive. *grins*

GRACE: Oh, but I forgot to say what my favorite thing was to bake. I love how the Parisian artists create each pastry as a masterpiece of sugar – that’s why I love baking French macarons, madelines, and other treats that I learned to bake in France.


GRACE: I also learned a few techniques from the other bakers at Masterchef. I enjoy making lots of cakes, because I get to decorate them.

MADI: What’s your favorite thing to decorate your pastries with?

GRACE: Fresh fruit,Β  hands down! I love fruit, and I think that a bright cherry or fresh strawberry always makes everything look better. I never use frozen or canned fruit. It has to be the best quality, fresh, perfect fruit.

MADI: Uh, isn’t that hard sometimes?

GRACE: Of course it is! I still manage to do it….


MADI: So, what plans do you have for your future?

GRACE: Well, of course, I always want to bake. In the future, after I graduate, I’d like to go to culinary school and become a chef as well as a baker. One day I’m determined to return to Paris to master more of their baking art! I want to open an even bigger bakery, and maybe even a restaurant one day! That’d be really amazing.

MADI: That would be pretty awesome. What would you name your restaurant?

GRACE: Uh…. well… I have no idea! Next question?



MADI: You’re obviously not only famous for your amazing pastries; I also hear that you’ve got a very special lemonade recipe… right?

GRACE: You’re correct. I created this tangy but sweet lemonade recipe last summer, and it really turned into a great invention. I had to make several batches a day a few days after I released it, and then I learned to make bigger quantities during the summer. I retired it in September, but re-released it just today! It’s always a hit with my customers, since it gets insanely hot where I live.

MADI: I know! So… can I get a picture of you standing by your pastries?

GRACE: Sure!IMG_7611

Ta-da! IMG_7613

MADI: I see you’re wearing an Isabelle t-shirt. What was it like to be the GOTY?

GRACE: It was absolutely incredible! I was so honored to be able to do that and share my story and love for baking! IMG_7614

{bonus pic}IMG_7615{bonus pic} Sorry about that random one… I just absolutely love her hair… IMG_7617

Β Here we have her almost sold out, absolutely amazing, delicious cakes – several different flavors!


Here’s yet another picture of Grace and her front counter!


Ready for a little bit of behind the scenes? (and no, I did not snitch that piece of chocolate cake…. even though I was rather tempted to. πŸ˜€ )IMG_7622

Did you know that every single last touch is put on by hand at Grace’s bakery? If you didn’t know this already, Grace is a total perfectionist and here’s one of her little secrets:

Believe it or not, if a cherry isn’t centered in the middle of the cupcake, or if the frosting is the least bit smudged, it makes me mad. Seriously. I never, ever, ever sell anything that isn’t perfect to my standards… which means that my roommates get to sample a lot of things that I make!IMG_7623

{putting on the finishing touches}IMG_7624

Does that not look amazing or what?! (BTW, it is. XD)IMG_7625

MADI: Do you have any tips for budding bakers?

GRACE: Absolutely. One of the things I always remind myself is: Don’t just do enough. Do beyond enough, beyond amazing, beyond excellence, all the way to perfection.

MADI: That’s a pretty good one. Any other tips?

GRACE: Well, everyone is attracted by beauty. That’s why you have to do everything you can to make your creations absolutely beautiful. Decorate them to the best of your abilities. I learned from my Uncle Bernard that it really matters to make your display gorgeous. Add flowers, or fruit, cheerful colors…IMG_7627

MADI: I know I’m always attracted to your amazing cakes and treats! You make them really pretty!

GRACE: Thanks!IMG_7628

{fruit tarts}IMG_7629


Okay, onto some candid shots (and some not so candid shots) of Grace in action!IMG_7632

Grace always packages her treats in this beautiful little boxes so that they will make it safely to their destination!IMG_7636

Customers always love coming to Petite & Parisian Pastries (Grace’s bakery) for their snacks and treats!IMG_7637Grace is such an amazing girl – she doesn’t know that I saw this or that I’m going to write about it, but while I was typing away at my laptop, I saw a girl come in who was obviously not having a good day and holding back tears. I don’t know if Grace knew her or not, but Grace offered her a glass of lemonade and just sat down with her to talk. The girl left smiling.

IMG_7642One of Grace’s sayings is, “It’s always more fun to share a treat with someone than to eat it all alone.” (Though I have to admit that I’m not very sharing with chocolate… XD)

{feature photos of Petite & Parisian Pastries}

IMG_7644All throughout spring and summer, dolls everywhere love to come in and get a glass of Grace’s amazing lemonade. I can see why everyone loves it – it’s so sweet, but tangy, and refreshing and cool…. πŸ™‚ I could go on if I wanted to, but I don’t know if you guys would really want to read more adjectives about lemonade, even if it is the best lemonade in the world!


{Grace & her lemonade}IMG_7647

Also, to go with Grace’s amazing lemonade, she makes these super great butterfly sandwiches that are always a hit with her patrons! She mastered the art of these lovely little treats in Paris, where she went in 2015. IMG_7650

The phenomenal cupcakes that Grace makes are absolutely delicious! She frosts each one uniquely and centers a cherry at the top of each colorful and delightful little cake!


Speaking of cake, these gorgeously decorated cakes are really, really good. πŸ™‚ No matter what season it is, Grace’s pastries are always topped with fresh fruit and rich creamy frosting! She creates special designs with her piping & decorating tools on each and every creation she makes!IMG_7652

Her incredible (can you tell I’m running out of adjectives?!) Parisian pastries (hence the name of her bakery) made her famous – especially her fruit tart things and macarons! IMG_7653

Grace’s cheerful countenance and displays always attract customers! IMG_7655

Each treat is carefully packaged as you can see in the photo above! IMG_7657

I would like to thank Grace a million times over for being willing to be interviewed for the first DWAF! I personally think she is an amazing baker and hopefully, we’ll see her again here soon!

If you know of a doll with a future, let me know who it is in the comments below – who knows, maybe you’ll see her soon as one of MusingsByMadi’s DWAF!

~ Madi