Anyways, you know those ice skating pictures from like, a month ago? (seriously, exactly a month. *facedesk*) I have them! I love, love, love skating!

Here’s the first set! It’s several selfies, me bundling up to go, in the car, with my fantastic rain boots, tying my skates, and my fave is the one with my skates over my shoulder up in the top right corner.


And if you’re observant, you’ll notice I didn’t wear my glasses for fear of breaking them… hehe.. 🙂


Please do not ask me how on earth I managed a selfie in this pose without dropping my phone. IMG_6346

Posing for the camera!IMG_6334IMG_6335My beautiful, gorgeous, amazing skates…




I love these shots!  A humongous thanks to Light4theLord for uh, getting this shot (hence, laying on the ice….)


I think this one’s pretty cool!IMG_6367

One leg glide!IMG_6368

Not perfect, I know, but pretty good considering it was my first time!IMG_6369IMG_6370

And glide…. it’s such an amazing feeling! I think I take after L4TL, because after her first time skating, she was spinning, skating backwards, and gliding on one leg. 🙂IMG_6371

Forward crossover…IMG_6372

Yes, another beautiful pose! IMG_6374IMG_6377

Gazing over the ice… regretfully because I had to leave…

I totally need to post more. I am so, so, super sorry about that! I have a VERY good reason though.

First of all, WP was acting up and not letting me upload ANY pictures WHATSOEVER. DO YOU KNOW HOW ANNOYING THAT IS?!?!?!?!?!?

Secondly, my computer crashed for like, several weeks. THAT WAS ALSO VERY ANNOYING. I finally got it fixed (well, obviously!)…

And last of the three, I got sick. *scowls* That was QUITE ANNOYING.

Can you tell I get easily annoyed? XD

Anyways, adieu!

~ Madi