Hi, I’m Madelon, but you can call me Madi!

I’m a doll who loves blogging. One day I’ll get an ‘About Me’ page up, but until then, you can just read about me here!

My full name is Madelon Sarah McCormick, and I’m named after three different people. One of them is Madi, from Delightful World of Dolls. I love her blog!

I’m thirteen, and I enjoy dancing, photography, blogging, writing, and hanging out with my amazing sisters, some of who will be featured here at Musings by Madi!


My favorite color is pink, and so it’s only fitting that my camera is pink. I love taking pictures and you’ll see a lot here.

I have some experience blogging, from Dolls N’ All .

I’m the middle doll in the family, with three older sisters and three younger sisters.


I hope you enjoy reading my posts, and please check back frequently to read my musings, or even better – follow! Thanks for reading!