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Introducing…. the first Doll with a Future!

Meet Grace Pauline Thomas, former Girl of the Year 2015, and Doll Masterchef Junior {from the 2015 baking edition}!         Grace is an absolutely extraordinary, amazing, fantastical baker. I was so lucky to be able to visit... Continue Reading →

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The Beary Family

Hello there, lovely readers! I'm planning on a 'May Musings' post where I can explain where I've been for the last month. Believe me, I have some really good excuses reasons. 🙂 Anyways, I took some of my little teddy... Continue Reading →

My First Awards!

Are you an indoor person or an outdoor person? I really don't know. :/ I like being outside, but I also enjoy being inside. Is there an inbetween?! My fav thing to do outside is read books, and my favorite... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The New Diary

Hey there, ya'll! I'm back - Hanna Kraft, a.k.a. CutePolarBear (who won one of the PPP over at DNA) wrote a lovely book and asked if I'd like to review it! Of course I said I wanted to! I love... Continue Reading →

DWAF: Special MBM Feature!

Hey there, awesome readers! Yes, I'm back again.... to tell you something awesomely, fantastical, amazingly cool! I'm starting a new, special, MBM (musingsbymadi) feature! The first DWAF post will be starring an amazing and promising young girl who has previously... Continue Reading →


Anyways, you know those ice skating pictures from like, a month ago? (seriously, exactly a month. *facedesk*) I have them! I love, love, love skating! Here's the first set! It's several selfies, me bundling up to go, in the car,... Continue Reading →

Skate Away!

Hey to all you fabulous readers! Today, while you're reading this, I'm ice skating! We were SUPPOSED to go snow skiing, but the CRAZY weather won't let us. So, I'm going ice skating with L4TL! I'm super, super excited! Do... Continue Reading →

I Got Something New!

Before I begin, I'll explain why on earth I haven't blogged in two week! First though, thank you all SO SO much! I can't believe I already have 15 followers! That's fantastic! I've only had my blog for one month.... Continue Reading →

Comment Dilemma

Hey guys! Madi here! I'm having a dilemma with the comments. I've gotten so many and I'm so super excited... except I absolutely no idea how to approve them. I've not changed any of the settings, and even with L4TL's... Continue Reading →

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